Drag and drop a DICOM folder or set of DICOM files directly into this blue area to start analysis.

The software will automaticaly gather images into series, and find groups of similar series (like DCE or DWI). You will then have an overview of simple quality criteria (FOV, acquired voxel size, slice thickness...), and be able to search for keywords (like fat saturation for instance). In the second tab, you will find automatic analysis of the dataset, to check the compatibility of the dataset with some of standards available (like PI-QUAL for prostate MR imaging)...

This software is still under development (v.0.9 BETA ; 2023-02-20).
Please note that the files you drop on this page are NOT uploaded anywhere, all processing is done inside your web browser in Javascript.
If you choose to save the dataset to the database, only the information visible on the screen will be uploaded (no patient data).
Use of this software requires IE10+ or any other modern browser.